Introducing: Vigoria Miletto dive watch

tLex, the editor of diving watches resource OceanicTime recently took advantage of the discounts to acquire one of the VM (Vigoria Miletto) dive watches. VM is a new brand featuring diving and saturation diving watches. The designs are very angular and agressive, probably to suggest the watches’ imperviousness to water. At the time of writing, they give out big discounts on selected models.

Here is the company presentation:

VM Exclusive Co., Ltd. is the agent of the Vigoria Miletto sports & dive watch. Vigoria Miletto is a new watch brand from Switzerland. The combination of outstanding design and superb manufacturing, engineering and technology makes VM watch stand in the forefront of the same field. VM watch is popular for its fashionable and rough style. Every watch experiences the creative design, careful making and rigorous testing by technicians before hitting market. It is worth your money.

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