limited MKII Kingston

Kingston… as in Kingston Jamaica. The country where fictious character James Bond, played for the first time by actor Sean Connery, is sent to investigate the death of a fellow British agent. In the 1962 movie, Sean Connery is show on several occasions wearing an early Rolex Submariner.

According to I already have a editor Rrryan, the Submariner belonged to director Terence Young and it was fitted with a standard nylon strap to be worn by Sean Connery during takes.


Mr. Bill Yao has been working on a faithful homage to the original Submariner (the design of which is now in the public domain). Note the folded/riveted bracelet links faithful to the original.

It appears the Kingston was manufactured in a very limited series of 100 pieces. Probably all sold out. There are 2 different dial plates: one without the date window, and the other one with. There were several dial print, hands colours and bezel inserts to choose from.

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