New Rolex Submariner with ceramic bezel

It was due to happen sooner or later, and the only guess was “when”. After introducing its cerachrom ceramic bezel on the new GMT-Master II in 2006, Rolex applied the same technology to the Deep Sea, a new development released in 2008. This year, the brand finally unveiled the revamped version of it  legendary diving watch, the Submariner, featuring a cerachrom bezel and a laser-engraved inner ring.

new Rolex Submariner with ceramic bezel

Besides the obvious technical upgrade, it seems Rolex has paid careful attention to the choice of materials and decorations. The new watch elements such as the atom-blasted ceramic bezel and the inner laser-engraved conical ring both require highly sohpisticated tools. This characteristic turns the task of replicating them into a difficult and expensive one. This blogs strongly dissaproves of fakes and replicas, and it is comforting for the watch collector to see Rolex put a lot of efforts in making their products hard to fake.

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