Introducing TrinTec Industries

Once doesn’t make it a habit: will present a watch company that does not feature self-powered watches… yet.

TrinTec Industries Inc. is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of aviation-inspired timepieces (clocks and watches). In 1993, they released their first wrist watch the Altimeter, which was inspired by an altimeter.

TrinTec Altimeter, photo credit Ricky Lee McBroom

TrinTec Altimeter, photo credit Ricky Lee McBroom

This particulad design is not earth-shattering per se: taking the ubiquitous design of an avionics instrument and fitting it on a strap; but the result looks extremely functional and TrinTec was the first company to thikn about it, 12 years before a certain French brand, which is inaccurately considered by many as the inventor of the genre.

TrinTec released the Zulu 01, a round model with second timezone, and they have been working on a new cushion-shape case design, which will be implemented through two collections: the Zulu-03 and Zulu-05. According to forumer Ricky Lee McBroom, who has been closely following the brand



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  1. Ricky Lee says:

    You might be interested in my review of the IDENT NAV-01, a private label created by Trintec owner Brendon Nunes.

    You can find it on the Poor Man’s Watch Forum, here:,262900


    -Ricky Lee

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