Update on Benarus collections

Since our first presentation of the brand, Benarus has been beefing up its collections with new chunky models.

Watch collectors were able to get their hands on the Megalodon, which like the prehistoric shark it takes the name from, is resistant to the strong pressure of deep waters. Two hundred and fifty BAR to be accurate, the same pressure found at 2,500 meters under sea water.

photo credit Uwe Willert, Germany

photo credit Uwe Willert, Germany

The Moray and the Remora collections are now available in a plethora of case finish and Super-Luminova prints and colours. The brand released the GMT Worldiver before Summer 2010.

Benarus GMT Worldiver

They are now working on a bronze version of the Moray. On a technical note, Benarus developers have chosen UNI 5275 aluminium bronze, which is an alloy based on copper with added aluminium, nickel and iron.
Bronze alloys (and UNI 5275 in particular) are extremely resistant to corrosion, which makes them the perfect material for building a saturation diving watch that will endure the salinity of sea water and body sweat.

Moray 2 Bronze

Copper and aluminium are metals that let their surface oxydize to create a protection “skin”. When they are combined in a bronze alloy, the resulting material takes a natural patina over time.

Steel is such a hard metal that it must be stamped a couple of dozen times to take form. Bronze has a Young’s modulus worth roughly half of that of steel, so it is a little bit easier to work with. As a consequence, the Moray 2 Bronze cases do not necessarily have to be mass-produces. Benarus has the cases and bezel lathed and hand-finished, which might explain why they chose to produce only 20 pieces.

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  1. Allan Domingo says:

    Just wanted to know where i can get this? are these bronze Benarus watches still available? How much do they sell for?

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