introducing: KPM Watch Company

Hat tip to Ariel Adams for his article on How To Make Your Own Watch.

Born in Oregon, Keaton Myrick learned watchmaking in Pennsylvania. He gained experience working for MKII before attending the Lititz Watch Technicum and becoming a certified watchmaker.
After holding a position at Rolex USA, Myrick eventually opened his own workshop in Oregon and relates about it on the blog Horologically Tempered. He has been planning to manufacture watches by hand before an article in the local newspapers drew in an overwhelming amount of restoration commissions.

KPM Watch Company workshop

Lately, Watchmaker Myrick was working on a wrist watch based on his own movement design.

Watch 001

Besides the minimalistic looks that makes extensive us of of finished metal surfaces, the watch reveal its true value through the transparent back that shows the manufacture movement designed by Keaton Myrick.

Watch 001

The watchmaker has now set his mind on a pocket watch, which he will be posting pictures of soon.

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3 Responses to introducing: KPM Watch Company

  1. Nick Sutton says:

    I am a watchmaking student from Seattle and admire his vision and dedication to design and produce his own movements. The balance bridge has a beautiful shape, and I’d love to see more pics of his movements. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ethan Pittman says:

    It’s amazing how a watch that appears so simple can be so innovative and visually stunning. Truth be told, I would get on the waiting list for one but that price tag is far too high for me.

  3. paul says:

    I have a n independent watch. It is a swivel watch i n the fact that you can either display the watch or swivel it to the back side to protect the Cristal from being broken. On the swivel side it displays a Texas star or a 5 pointed star. This star is bulges out. In other it is not engraved or painted on. I hope this has answered all your questions. If not, please email me with your question.


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