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Introducing: Bathys Hawaii

Since the launch of this blog, we have omitted to present Bathys Hawaii because they originally only featured battery-powered quartz watches. In the meantime, the Hawaii-based brand has released the the Benthic Automatic and the 100 Fathoms Automatic, two collections motorized with the ubiquitous ETA 2824-2.

The recognizable Bathis Hawaii dial, with even numerals, emulates vintages military watches from the Vietnam era, such as this Helbros:

credit: www.TimelyClassics.com

Bathys watches come in stainless steel cases with satin finish, black or 5n pink gold PVD plating; or in titanium. Depending on the collection, the watch either comes with satin metal bezel or rotating bezel. The brand also offers a wide choice of dial colours, from black to dark grey to orange to mother-of-pearl.

Lately, the brand has been working on a new collection based on the vintage Hamilton Bomb Timer watches, which were used on airplanes to time the dropping of bombs:

credit: www.TimelyClassics.com

Based on a UNITAS 6498 calibre, the Bathys version does pay tribute to the original, although some graphical details have been updated:

Bathys Bomb Timer

Bathys Bomb Timer

Check out prominent a review of the Bathys Bomb Timer by prominent horological blogger Ariel Adam on Ablogtoread.com.

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