introducing: the Retrospect Watch Company

The Retrospect Watch Company has been operating for a couple of years now. I remember visiting their homepage and seeing sneak peak pictures of the Egiziano, which was under development at the time. RWC define their mission as bringing «legendary timepieces, improv(ing) upon them and reincarnat(ing) them into the modern world.»

The RWC Egiziano draws inspiration from the GPF 2/56, a whopping 60 mm watch that designed and produced by Panerai Workshops (Officine Panerai) for the Egyptian navy with an 8 day Angélus movement.

The GPF 2/56, made for the egyptian navy, credit

The Retrospect Watch Company stands out from the croud of look-alikes because of the little details they have altered to the design that inspired them. Sold at USD 1,098.00, the Egiziano features a stock UNITAS movement without the small seconds hand.

The company has also released two cusion-shaped watches that draw inspiration from the Panerai Radiomir with “California” dial, which sell around the same price.

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