Introducing: Azimuth

Azimuth somehow managed to source new old stock vintage movements such as the Fontainemelon 96 and a Marvin/Election hand-wound calibre. They took extreme care in designing limited series of military watch homages that met great success. Featuring vintage movements or modified contemporary UNITAS calibres, those timepieces boast a good reputation and now count amongst the very few watches that sell with an added value on the second-hand market.


From there, Azimuth started working on more conceptual timepieces:



The brand also started using a Chinese full calendar module on Swiss ETA movements:

Their prices  are between USD 1,000 and 5,000, which is a bit steep, but the collection is worth taking a look at.
Ariel Adams has recently published an article about their new diving watch Sea-Hum and saturation diving watch Deep Diver on The latter has already been discussed by Tlex on

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