Introducing: Rheinmeister

Born in 1971 in Köln, Germany, master watchmaker Dirk Maier went to work within the Swatch Group (Omega, Longines and Rado) before starting his own business.
He registered the brand Rheinmeister by taking cues from the Rhein (Rhine), one of the most important European rivers that serves as natural border between Switzerland and Germany.

Maier tries to source all of his parts in Germany and Switzerland and assembles himself the watches, which can be purchased directly from his workshop or through selected retailers in Germany. Prices for 2010 range from EUR 1630 to EUR 2230. Besides his collections, Meier can assemble custom pieces and source bespoke engine-turned dials.

Besides classical watches with the Rheinmeister signature hands, Maier has been working on a new diving watch resistant to 100 bar (static depth of 1000 m).

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am a watch historian and an author. May I use a few pictures of Rheinmeister in my book as the company is defunct and pictures of these watches are rare? I shall acknowledge that the pictures are from this website.

    The information found on this website is apprising and useful.

    My book may not get published soon but one day one of my descendants will publish it.

    Your cooperation is much appreciated and highly regarded.

    Thank you.



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