New Steinhart collection TiefSee

Steinhart watches has been working on a new diving watch, called the TiefSee. The deep sea, or deep layer, is the lowest layer of oceans.

It is considered that 70% of ocean bottoms go much deeper than 800 m. The sun light doesn’t penetrate so deep, temperatures drops to a constant 5 degrees celcius (±278 kelvin) and pressure can be as strong as 1000 bar. Underwater life still managed to flourish under such extreme conditions. Fifty years of advancement in diving technology have allowd us to catch a glimpse of the underwater wonders.

Produced in a limited edition of 55 pieces, the new 45.0 mm Steinhard case received DLC coating and complies with German DIN norm for water resistance and is tested to 30 bar (equivalent to a static depth of 300 meters).

The TiefSee is powered by an ETA 2893-2, which features an independent 24h hand. The 120 clicks bezel also received a DLC coating and the lung width is 24 mm.

Steinhart TiefSee Steinhart TiefSee Steinhart TiefSee
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