introducing: Few Watches

Few watches has many watches. The name of this Swedish-based watch company is not the only unusual thing about it:
Like 121 Time and Blancier, their Web site features software that allows one to design a custom watch, but Few remains the most affordable option.

Their cases can be fitted either with a Miyota 8205 automatic calibre or a Miyota OS20 quartz chronograph. Their collections are 3: Pilot, Yachtsmen and Golfers.

The novelty here is that users can also upload the design of their own dial. In fact, Few showcases a different customer project each month.

Here is what I created after 5 minutes of fun:

As said, prices are very reasonable, and one can get a custom-assembled watch starting from USD 260.

Few watches Few watches Few watches
Few watches Few watches Few watches
Few watches Few watches Few watches
Few watches    
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  1. I’ve used Few platform a lot and created my own branded watch line with many watches: P77 Watches

  2. […] Here's a post on Independent Watch Projects about them, with a few photos of their watches: introducing: Few Watches | independent watch projects I've been playing with the site for the last couple of weeks. It is very impressive how easy it is […]

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