introducing: BOTTA Design

In operation since 1987, the BOTTA design studio received numerous awards for their work. Having worked for clients like Junghans, Bestform and Watch People, BOTTA Design took over the sales of their watch collections in 2000 and started selling them under the brand “BOTTA Design” in 2006.

The studio has recently introduced a new variant of their Tres collection (pictured above), which is a good example of the minimalist Anglo-Saxon design tradition. The collections mostly feature quartz movements, but BOTTA Design also uses automatic movements supplied by industry leader ETA. The cases are manufactured in the German town of Pforzheim and assembly is executed in the Black Forest.

Another distinctive piece from BOTTA Design is the UNO (pictured above), which uses a single hand to display time. The genre has been explored by several brands, and I will be presenting those in the future.

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