Kello 2: upgraded layman’s watch timer for the iphone

Watch fanatics have certainly heard of Kello, an application created for the iOS 4.0 operating system. Kello will run on iPhones 4, iPod touch 3rd generation and upwards, as well as the latest iPad.

Using the device’s microphone, Kello listens to a mechanical timepiece’s ticking and extrapolates to calculate its precision. This is a layman’s alternative to the more sophisticated watch timers used in watch makers workshops. Watchmakers do perform more advanced measurements such as amplitude, temperature and position, but the Kello is perfect for the average watch collector who just wants to know how often a watch will have to be synchronized or if it is time to bring it in for servicing.

Shortly after the first launch, Kello’s developer decided to pull the application out of the Apple store in odrer to go back to the drawing board. He re-wrote it from ground up, implementing noise filtering and making the interface more intuitive. Read more on Tick Talk Watchmaking Blog, where you can win a free licence of Kello for your Apple portable device.

The improved Kello is a leaner, more efficient application that can now filter room noise and automatically detect the timepiece’s frequency.

Kello is still rather resource-hungry, so the developer insists on runing it on iOS version 4 and upwards, preferably having recently rebooted. He started to tackle the challenge of adapting the application to earlier versions of iOS.

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  1. zigwhentheyzag says:

    The concern with the app being resource intensive had to do with the processor, not the iOS version. Older iPhones and iPods are much less powerful than the iPhone 4. The good news is that the latest version of Kello that is now on the app store introduces performance improvements for these older devices. The results are not as precise as on faster hardware, like the iPhone 4, but the app will run just fine without any need for rebooting.

  2. robert molina says:

    this is very nice apps for me coz i am a watch technician her in the phillipines hope for moe info for this and also i me i ask this apps can use in pc

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