Regal timepieces

Ludwig II of Bavaria King Ludwig II, who reigned over Bavaria from 1864 to 1886, was known for his taste in fine pocket watches which he used to commission and collect by hundreds. These timepieces do sometimes appear in prestigious auction sales and end up in many a private collection, but the 800 years-long lineage of the House of Wittelsbach was not meant to stay away from fine watches in the XXI century.

Prince Wolfgang of Bavaria, 8th in the line of succession, has just rekindled the family’s relation with fine timepieces.
Feeling that he could not find the perfect watch to use when indulging in his hobbies, this heir of the House of Wittelsbach decided to have it made according to his taste.

Prince Wolfgang von Bayern, credit

The result was Zeitinstrumente (time instruments), a collection of watches released in 2008 and bearing the Wittelsbach coat of arms. Sold for EUR 58,000 and limited to 10 pieces, PW101 was an 18kt oversized wrist watch with hand-engraved movement rotor inspired by the family’s pocked watches. Available for EUR 7,980, PW201 was an 18kt COSC-rated chronograph limited to 200 pieces.


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