introducing: Barrington Griffiths watch company

Mr. Mark Griffiths, founder of the Barrington Griffiths Watch co. kindly contacted me to announce the imminent launch of their first collection. Called the Modern Classic, it will be available from January 3rd 2011 in three choices of dials:  black, blue and orange.

Barrington Griffiths, Modern Classic with black dial  Barrington Griffiths, Modern Classic with blue dial Barrington Griffiths, Modern Classic with orange dial 

Based in Calgary, Canada, the company runs a small workshop where they design and build the custom cases.

 Barrington Griffiths workshop Barrington Griffiths milling of the watch case

Barrington Griffiths got hold of a stock of  ETA 953 movements signed Bulova. Before being mounted in a newly-built case, each movement is fully restored and refurbished to ensure that it will run smoothly for the years to come.

Barrington Griffiths, case back of a Modern Classic watch

The ETA 953 was designed some time before 1953 and it is no longer being manufactured. It was sized at 17 French lines (38.35 mm) and fitted with a monometallic balance wheel with Breguet overcoil that beats at 18,000 alternances per hour. The reader will note on the picture how the balance rim is fitted with screws that allow to fine-tune the part’s inertia.

Barrington Griffiths, Modern Classi model

Announced at the very competitive price of USD 535.00, the Modern Classic by Barrington Griffiths makes for a perfect and affordable collection item, especially for those who have a soft tooth for vintage movements.

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