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Based in Switzerland, watchmaker Peter E. Kreuter-Gariko launched the Web site eX watches, where according to the founder, customers can order an eXclusive timepiece.

I was expecting the catalog to show a range of watch components that one can choose from, but apparently the only choices are pre-organized combinations. The advantage of eX watches would thus be to allow buyers to cut through middle-men and get a better value-for-money on their timepiece.

Mr. Kreuter-Gariko assembles the watches and takes special care in fine-tuning the movement. This would have the benefit of providing customers with mechanical watches that only vary by seconds per day, when mass-produced mechanical watches are sometimes allowed to vary by 15 seconds per day.

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  1. rrcmc says:

    Hi, i have tracked EX watches for a while since i saw this article and now the website is gone – does anyone know wahat has happened to them??

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