First chronograph from Uniform Wares

I presented the second collection from British design brand Uniform Wares in September 2010. It seems that nothing can stop the success of this brand, as they have now released their third collection.

Based on the ETA 251.471 chronograph, this watch is an adaptation of the minimalistic design that made the young British brand famous. Personally, I have my reservations to putting a 23.69 mm movement (10 1/2 French lines) in a 42 mm case. I find the subdials to look myopic, but then its only my opinion… on the other hand, the ETA 251.471 allows to quickly move the hour hand by 1 hour increments, thus allowing for easy time zone or saving time changes.

As usual, the Uniform Wares developers have tried to offer a range of colours. In this case, the watch comes in three flavours:

  • stainless steel with dark brown leather strap
  • gold PVD bezel with brown leather strap
  • all black PVD with black leather strap

Either of the three versions is sold at USD 760.

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  1. Tom says:

    I concur with the myopicness of the subdial. They’re nice looking minimalistic watches. However, I would have preferred largest possible subdials.

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