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The Poor Man’s Fifty Fathoms

Seiko has a rock-solid reputation when it comes to their diving watches and über-affordable Seiko 5 collections. Standing on the shoulders of their legacy, history and Intellectual Property, Seiko are rightly the last company that one would expect to attempt to draw inspiration from competition. This is the certainty that was challenged in the minds of some forumers when they discovered Seiko’s latest 42mm-wide SNZH5 collection:

SNZH55K1 or SNZH55J1 from Seiko 5

Here are the colour combinations (as shown on Watches88):

  • SNZH51K1: silver dial and black bezel with silver numerals
  • SNZH53K1: blue dial and bezel with silver numerals
  • SNZH55K1: black dial and bezel with silver numerals
  • SNZH57K1: black dial and bezel with gold numerals
  • SNZH59K1: black PVD version with black dial and bezel
  • SNZH60K1: yellow gold PVD version with black dial and bezel

Seiko 5's SNZH5 side view
credit for photo above: http://yeomanseiko.wordpress.com/

At first, the watch looks like your average diver-styled stainless steel watch, but on closer examination, some of the Polish forumers gifted with photographic memory were able to connected it with an iconic timepiece:

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

From there on, it took little to wonder what this Seiko 5 could look like if the dial were swapped:

FiftyFour Fathoms dial by GmtForum.pl

As a consequence, forumers of Eye Lip of GmtForum.pl contacted suppliers and is now taking orders for custom dials and date discs based on the design above.

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5 Responses to The Poor Man’s Fifty Fathoms

  1. kwame says:


    Great Blog!!

    I am thinking of purchasing model SNZH60K1, however I would like to know, is this watch PVD gold plated or goldtone?


    • Pancho Sanza says:

      Hello Kwame, and thanks for following WatchProjects.com.

      Descriptions of the SNZH60K1 make mention of yellow PVD.
      I believe the chemical composition of that coating is titanium nitride, which makes it extremely resistant to wear and scratches.

  2. Jean Mulot`` says:

    Does someone still have one of those FiftyFour Fathom dial for sale.
    I love the idea.

  3. Jean Mulot says:

    Does someone still have one of those FiftyFour Fathom dial for sale or for that matter the whole revamped watch?
    I love the idea.

    • fikthor says:

      Dear Jean,

      Project of Fifty Four Fathoms dial had its end in the middle of 2011 and wasn’t produced any more.
      Jake B. modified this dial to Fifty Five Fathoms and is selling on his website. From that I learned the base watch isn’t produced by Seiko due to lack of screw in crown or smth…

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