EmaS watches: doing it with Italian style

In 1934, Milan businessman Sir Enrico Masserini established Masserini Orologerie S.p.A. with the intent to sell Swiss movements in Italian watch cases. After WWII, the company was renamed EMAS, based on the contraction of the founder’s name (Enrico MASserini). The company was handed over to his son Annibale and later to his grandson Enrico, who currently runs EMAS watches.

Their catalog mostly features sporty-looking watches styled with that typical Italian touch of flamboyance.

EmaS lifestyle

Their lineup currently consists in 4 designs: the Paparazzi (which is available in diameters 41 and 44 mm), the Paparazzi Casinò, the Lucciola and the Precision. Of particular interest to this blog is the 44 mm Paparazzi limited edition that they released with a column-wheel Seagull Tianjin ST-1901 calibre.

The rest of the watches are powered by Japanese quartz movements. The Precision model comes in various combinations of dial and nylon mesh colour. It uses a case in Aluramic: an aluminum case (providing lightness) applied with a ceramic coating that prevents it from scratching.

At the moment, distribution of EmaS watches seems to be focused on Italy.

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3 Responses to EmaS watches: doing it with Italian style

  1. Bob says:

    Fantastic !! EmaS were in USA ?

  2. Franco says:

    Good design !

  3. Allen Edelstein says:

    I own an EMAS watch made for Octane magazine. The band has broken and EMAS is a total no no in the USA. My band is like the leather/cloth one in the first EMAS pictured. But I also like the simplicity of the one below it that looks like nylon. Any suggestions on who to contact for either band? I’m asking because when I had a problem with my watch, contacting the web site got no reply.

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