World’s first plastic-case Tourbillon, by EmaS

Recently, I introduced a stylish Milan-based brand called EmaS. The company recently updated their Facebook account with a picture of one their latest model, a Chinese tourbillon, which will only be produced in 4 picese, sold at USD 2,500 each.

EmaS tourbillon

This tourbillon is housed in a polymer case, which probably makes it a World first, if we don’t count the USD 3,000 Swatch Diaphane, which is superseded by the Emas: the Swatch used the Karussell system, while the Chinese movement on the EmaS is a true tourbillon.

Swatch Diaphane

Compared to the tourbillon, the Karussell uses a slightly simpler construction. There have been attempts by tourbillon spin doctors to link the Karussell with cheap watchmaking, but Master Watchmaker Vincent Calabrese designed prestigious Karussells for high-end Swiss brand Blancpain, where he now works as a chief designer.

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2 Responses to World’s first plastic-case Tourbillon, by EmaS

  1. harga emas says:

    its beatiful wacth, i want it

  2. Form says:

    EmaS is a star , swatch is only a name , now !

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