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We don’t have any ties with private businesses, neither are we a wholesaler nor a reseller.

If you are a customer, an importer or a distributor and want to contact a maker or source some of the watches or parts presented here, simply follow the link to the maker’s official Website.
That link is usually featured in the first 3 phrases of the article.

Thanks you for following our reviews.

Pancho Sanza, editor

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  1. timelock says:

    Realy nice and interesting idea to make a blog only about custom watches.
    So maybe my privat cutomizing project from 2010 is something for you. Have a look at.

    Best regards


  2. Hi Pancho
    We run a site called and are looking to create and build our own brand of watches. Can you possibly guide me in the right direction on who i can talk to with respect to movements, case, and dials?


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