introducing: Paul’s Stuff

Let me introduce Paul Brandt, inventor and hobby prototypist.

Paul is very skilled in mechanical repairs and metal working. Some years ago, he started designing and building simple mechanical tools in stainless steel. His homepage shows an array of objects such as: knives, multi-purpose tools, pliers, and so on…

Eventually, Paul started modding some watches of his own collection. A little dial here, a little case there… and before you know it, Paul became a serious hobby prototypist.

His work now includes complete watch cases with matching dials.

I contacted him and asked about the prospect of offering custom works services. Paul is open to interesting suggestions. At the moment, he has mostly been focusing on designing, printing and applying custom dials. By his own admission, he doesn’t currently have the skills nor the machinery to be comfortable in making cases or watch parts to others.

Still, his work is pretty impressive:

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