Review: WatchProject’s list of XXI Flieger chronographs

In the article A list of XXI Flieger chronographs, the reader is brought through a little history of standard military watches. The first paragraphs explain the distinction between three main schools: the British, the German and the French; and the text explains how the concept of a Flieger chronograph (as we know it today) was invented in the early 2000’s by the International Watch Company.

Most contemporary aviation-themed watches take inspiration from one of the three schools or from IWC’s hybrid Fliegeruhr design. After much research, I compiled a list of XXI (twenty-one) contemporary Flieger chronographs that are still available for purchase in the XXI century.

In order to be included in this WatchProjects list, the timepieces needed to meet these 5  requirements:

  • black dial
  • matching hands colour
  • luminous indexes and hands
  • absence of theodolite scale (no tachymeter, pulsometer or telemeter)
  • absence of graduated rotating bezel
  • The article’s conclusion suggests some suitable choices by price range, based on the author’s opinion.

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