Stowa’s new unusual Flieger chronograph

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This new model from watchmaker Jorg Schauer’s brand Stowa could definitely have been added to our List of XXI Flieger Chronographs.

Stowa is one of the very few German brands that once supplied the Luftwaffe with big pilots watches. The size was imposed by the pocket watches movements used in these "Observation Watches". After WWII, the brand’s production hasn’t particularly been as exiting, but at the turn of the 21st century, watchmaker Jorg Schauer got hold of the brand. The work he has been doing with it really pays tribute to its heritage.

Most of the timepieces released under the Stowa brand always benefit from some custom work on the movement, and Herr Schauer also elaborated a proprietary pocket-watch hand-wound movement which use is still to be defined.

This year, Herr Schauer presents us with this 41 mm Flieger Chronograph based on a modified Valjoux 7753 calibre.

Stowa Flieger Chronograph, courtesy of

All subdials have been removed, except for the 30 minutes counters. Although it is anachronic (a design from the 1940’s with a movement from the 1980’s), this watch truly embodies the spartan and minimalistic spirit of a Fliegeruhr and it is an aesthetic success.

Stowa Flieger Chronograph, courtesy of

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    Those are very interesting watch designs, to say the least

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