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Rolex has a reputation for being extremely conservative when it comes to design novelties. The maison generally takes decades before implementing new designs or new technology. As an example, their recent glidelock buckle was finally introduced to supercede designs that were patented more than half-a-century ago.

One of the reasons for Rolex’s exteme caution is that their new technology must be thoroughly tried and tested before being released on the market.

One of the fields where Rolex remains very conservative is that of their case design. The Oyster case basically exists in two iterations: one without crown guards, and one with crown guards.

This observation led a US entrepreneur to set up Rubber B, a company specialized in perfect-fit rubber straps. Available in four colours (black, white, blue and brown), these straps take advantage of the similarity of most Rolex cases and bracelets.

The strap is designed to fill up the space between crown guards case lugs, and its width at the ends is made to allow the wearer to keep the original bracelet buckle.

Sold for a little more than USD 200, these straps are not cheap. They are made with high-quality vulcanized rubber, which is much nicer to wear than the silicon found on most entry-price straps.

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3 Responses to Rubberize your Rolex

  1. Kent says:

    The strap fills in the space between the LUGS, not the crown guard.

  2. Michael Gotro says:

    I purchased the black Rubber B for my Rolex Submariner. Not only is it comfortable but, it is high quality, & accents the watch very nicely. I would like to have this Rubber B band for mu other high end watches. Kudos to Rubber B!

  3. Brad says:

    For a Submariner or a Submariner Date?

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