introducing: Orbis Morgan Timepieces

Founded in Hong Kong in 1997 by watch enthusiasts, Orbis Morgan Timepieces specializes in Military-inspired watches. Produced locally with Chinese mechanical movements and sold under USD 300, the watches have earned a solid reputation in Japan.

On the photographs, the watches look as good as any reputable brand from Germany or Switzerland. It turns out that the designers have paid attention to put on markings in German language.

To Orbis Morgan’s merit, they cannot really be accused of copying any brand in particular. Their designs take cues from vintage military watches of the XXth century, and end up looking like NOS vintage military pieces.

Most of the watches with subdials are made to look like chronographs, when they are in fact calendar watches.

Of all the Chinese brands that I’ve seen, Orbis Morgan Timepieces come with the nicest design. Sold under USD 300, these watch represent a very nice entry into the World of mechanical watchmaking.

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  1. Jonathan Willis says:

    These are very unique and beautiful with there simple designs and practical mechanisim.

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