Happy New Year! The Most Popular Posts of 2011

As the editor, I would like to wish the reader a Happy New Year, and thank them for their support throughout the year 2011, either by visiting our posts or by linking to them on horological forums. WatchProjects.com consistently started publishing news about boutique brands in July 2009 and the site traffic almost doubled between December 2010 and December 2011. 

Based on Alexa.com, WatchProjects.com is visited more frequently by males who are in the age range 35-44, have no children and are graduate school educated. I don’t know if you feel like you fit this description… Although the blog is English-speaking, we have visitors from Germany, Spain and Italy. People mostly find us through Google or their favorite horological forum.

Francis J.

Here are the top ten posts that you visited in 2011 on WatchProjects.com:

  1. Still at the top of our list, wonder boy Harold Ng a.k.a Yobokies kept mesmerizing us with his aftermarket parts for customizing Seiko watches.
  2. Besides writing about novelties I have spent a lot of time trying to write editorial pieces. The amount of page hits and hot-linking on horological forums clearly shows that this is something the reader wants more of. In 2011, my dissertation on A List of XXI Flieger Chronographs came number 2.
  3. A lot of the readers seem to be into affordable military pieces, so eBay seller Getat Watch Company kept coming 3rd in our most visited list.
  4. Not produced by a boutique brand, but rather by a seasoned wathmaking company, the ISO 6426-certified Certina DS Action Diver unveiled early in 2011 at Baselworld seems to have caught the interest of our readers.
  5. This year, Seiko regaled us by releasing the Fifty Fathom-Inspired SNZH Line, which prompted the most daring to have their own customizing dial manufactured.
  6. One of my earliest reviews from 2007 about a Kronos SBS from eBayer the Military Watch Mall is still relevant today, as the page hits attest.
  7. My third in-depth dissertation Selection of 21 Affordable Manufacture Watchescaught the interest of the reader.
  8. Delays and internal disagreement within the group behind the Pleamar project almost led to a brawl on my very blog. To let both sides tell their part of the story I decided to limit the comments to one per each side.
  9. Amidst all the exiting news this year, we also took a moment to mourn our fellow watch enthusiast Noah Fuller, who leaves an impressive legacy as one of the pioneered in aftermarket watch parts and creator of the Tsunami watch. Feel free to visit Noah’s Facebook page and drop a word of support to his widow Satoko Ono.
  10. And, last but not least: Italian-speaking Temporanea Manifatture Fiorillo has been raising a lot of interest with their military-inspired pieces produced in very small numbers.

Again, thanks a lot for following us and discussing our blog entries and dissertations on horological forums. I wish you lots of watch collecting and customizing fun to 2012!


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