introducing: OFFSHORE Professional Classic Chronographs

Question: How many engineers does it take to design a watch?

Answer: One

Professional Subsea Engineer Lorne Gifford

Working above some of the deepest oil fields across the world , Lorne Gifford often finds himself in extremely hostile climates and environments. Having wreked several watches himself, the professional subsea engineer decided to create OFFSHORE Professional Classic Chronographs Ltd. to design timepieces that could withstand his extreme lifestyle.

The result is the Field Engineer, a 44 mm stainless steel chronograph built with a customized ETA 7750 calibre. Gifford used Fibonacci_numbers to achieve a perfect balance between the different elements of the case and the display. Sapphire crystal is used on the front and the back of the case.

The crown and the pushed have been engraved with a “pineapple” texture that guarantees optimal grip even when the watch is covered by a fluid like water or oil. Instead of using a black background, Gifford decided to have a silvery finish cutout by segments of one hour. In low light condition, the large hands filled with Super-Luminova do still offer a good visibility.

OFFSHORE Field Engineer

Roman numerals would normally not be expected on such a technical watch, but it looks like the engineer wanted the timepiece to look elegant even though it can dive as deep as 300 meter. The mathematical rigor through which the watch was designed gave up a result that is worthy of any respectable horological designer.

The Field Engineer comes with a steel bracelet and a hybrid strap made with a rubber frame and some silicone-impregnated leather that provides great resistance to tear and humidity.

OFFSHORE Field Engineer

Judging from the official pictures, Gifford also paid a lot of attention to the packaging: the watch box has a very nice leather-like finish, and it comes with a comprehensive instructions manual.

OFFSHORE Field Engineer

The rotor has been cutout without compromising structural integrity to feature the company’s logo… which vaguely reminds of a certain Italian sports car.

Field Engineer's custom Valjoux 7750

The watch can be bought on the OFFSHORE website  at the price of GBP 1475.00.

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4 Responses to introducing: OFFSHORE Professional Classic Chronographs

  1. David Wheeler says:

    Bought one. Love it. Looks distinctive. Keeps excellent time despite some rough outdoor treatment. I only have a few possessions that inspire me. This is one of them. Design, build quality and a unique creator. Almost sounds spiritual doesn’t it … I can imagine Steve Jobs giving Lorne Gifford a gentle pat on the back.

  2. Mr. Gordon says:

    Mr. Gifford also has on his website some of the most sensible and factual information regarding watches and reality.
    I dare say his info should be required reading for those looking for the “truth” about watches and the claims of manufacturers.

    Well done Sir.

    (its also damned humourous – if one understands engineering humour)

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  4. james roberts says:


    Are there any units up for sale anywhere?

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