introducing: RundenMeister, timers for the wrist and the dash

The trade mark RundenMeister was successfully registered in Summer 2008. I don’t know if the brand ever existed before, but the current owner Herr Thilo Figaj cleverly decided to specialize it in motorsport timers. Perhaps the most representative product from RundenMeister is their Sequence Timer, which allows drivers to simultaneously operate up to 3 pocket stopwatches.

The accessory is designed to mount chronographs measuring between 50 and 55 mm in diameter. The brand also offers mounting accessories like a wrist clip for pocket watches. Not only is this a great accessory to their products, but it could prove very useful to every owner of a pocket watch, allowing to adapt it to the wrist.


In terms of pure timers, the brand has a broad choice of mechanical stopwatches measuring 1/5th, 1/10th, 1/50th or 1/100th of a second, which are also fitted with a custom dial to allow measurement of distance covered at average speed.

 RundenMeister average speed control

Most of their pocket and dash watches feature an extra pusher that allows to hack the mechanism for synching. Herr Figaj also worked on designing a wrist watch with the iconic RundenMeister dial.

RundenMeister wrist watch

Overall, the timing instruments are very competitively priced, starting at € 95 for a 1/5th timer up to € 625 for the gold-plated Marine wrist watch.

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