introducing: Bertucci’s field watches, designed in the USA

I usually don’t write about quartz watches, but a US-based company called Bertucci caught my attention with their very nice field timepieces.

Incorporated in 2003, Bertucci watches gradually specialized in titanium timepieces. They now offer 5 distinct surface finishing on the high-performance material: matte titanium, high polish titanium, black titanium, brushed titanium and “earth” titanium.

Bertucci titanium finishingTheir 2004 collection  A-2T Original Classics was a success and the design implemented several details previously found in field military watches, notably:blueprint of the Bertucci Original Classics model

  1. The crown being rotated clockwise from its standart position at 3 o’clock, to avoid biting in the skin and to better protect it from shocks.
  2. The spring bars replaced by a fixed lung bar, requiring to pass the strap throught.
  3. 12 hours numerals with luminous indexes and luminous hands.

Bertucci case construction details

Bertucci’s crown at 4 o’clock has become a signature on most of its collections, with the exception of the G-1T Durato, which is a digital watch, and the analogue A-3T Vintage 42.

Bertucci models range

Some models like the A-2R DX3 Field use resin for the case, and the brand also designed an elastomer cover aimed at better protecting the watch from scratches. The Pro-Guard is available in several colour, including two luminescent tones.

Bertucci Pro-Guard

To complement the watch heads, the brand has a broad range of matching single-piece straps in various materials and colours.

Bertucci bands overview

Overall, the reason why I instantly like this brand is the fun factor of their watches. Not only are they designed to be legible and utilitarian, but it is also possible to match head design with straps to have a personnalized, well-built timepiece for the great outdoors.

All Bertucci watches are engineered and assembled in the USA. The brand mostly uses original designs, which are appropriately registered for copyright protection.

Sadly, no mechanical movements are to be found, but Bertucci uses all-metal Swiss movements which should be easy to repair, however unlikely for that to happen.

Prices start at USD 59.99 for the A-2R DX3 Field, and the most expensive piece will be the A-4T Vintage 44, which features a sapphire crystal and self-luminous tritium vials for USD 399.99. I warmly recommend browsing through their Website to get an overview.

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