Watch Inspired by a Truck, Straight From the Volvo Design Team

This is an interesting example of cross-disciplinary design, where virtual cues from one discipline are adapted to another disciplin. The team of designers and engineers responsible for the award-winning truck Volvo FH was given the task to develop driver gear that drew inspiration on the vehicle.

Volvo FH truck

Volvo FH dashboard


The Driver Performance Watch has been designed by Patrick Palovaara, Senior Designer at Volvo Truck’s studio in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“The watch design has been inspired by elements from the new Volvo truck, such as the pattern of the truck’s interior and the signature Volvo fonts in the truck’s instrument cluster. The watch’s proportions and the way it sits on the wrist has also been designed to give the watch a stance reminiscent of the new Volvo FH.”

The movement is likely a Swiss Parts Ronda 5021.D.
Available on at  GBP 132.00. Apparently all models are already sold out!

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3 Responses to Watch Inspired by a Truck, Straight From the Volvo Design Team

  1. mr leslie cooper says:

    I have a ronda swiss Volvo watch 4 jewels I am looking for information about this watch. it looks as if it was put in a car facia has Volvo on the face and it looks as if it was just pushed into a hole because there is a rubber band at the back to hold it in place. there are no numbers on the face just a mark at 12-3-6-9 any suggestions? thank you les

  2. The 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60 on face makes it much more different than other watches, I would like to buy one..

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