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On May 25th 2013, published  an article titled Founder Worries About The Fragility Of High Watch Prices by Richard Paige.

The author, a veteran of the watch industry, questions the steep rise in Swiss watch prices over the last few decades. Richard Paige cites an evolutionary hypothesis called the Red Queen Effect, based on which a system needs to keep adapting and evolving in order to survive in an ever-changing environment. According to the founder of, the technological advancements brought to watchmaking in the last decades should have translated into lower prices for the exact same product.

Richard Paige draws a parallel with the consumer electronics industry, where products of Apple Inc. keeps innovating one product generation after another by offering more performance… without substantially raising the price. The exact opposite seems to happen in the watch industry, observes Timezone’s founder, where the cost of an Omega Speedmaster rose from USD 225 in 1973 to USD 4500 in 2013.

Omega Cal. 1861 Chronograph Movement

I do personally share Mr. Paige’s feeling. In 1995 I was considering purchasing my first “expensive” Swiss watch, an Omega Speedmaster, and I can clearly remember the retail price being slightly over CHF 600 at the time. In defense of Omega, user Azua commented Richard Paige’s article:

Your math is flawed. Omega is a Swiss watch to the price increase over time should be compared to the rate of inflation in Switzerland. Also regulation and labor laws have changed drastically since the 1970’s…Especially in the European Union which all adds to the costs

But is Mister Paige’s math really flawed? Are there so many variables that it is impossible to account for the price increase over a time span of more than 40 years? Let’s try to see step by step what we know for a fact and what is left to guessing… click on the link for the full article: – The Speedmaster Standard

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  1. Bravo! you’ve taken my article and added a fantastic analysis of the pricing structure. Well done…and thanks for recognizing my concerns.

    Richard paige

  2. phillip chouzenoux says:

    I moved to Switzerland in 1975 and as a commoner my salary allowed me to purchase his and her Rolex Submariner and Gold date-just. I believe that between residing between Schweiz and the U.S. Swiss watches were affordable irregardless of currencies etc. Today and having owed many luxury brands I must truly question the price and build quality. Watch promotion and advertising especially Rolex are absurd-If your the Ping-Pong champion from China here is your watch. And Biver may be genius but Hublot Big Bang hideous.

  3. Anonymous says:

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