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World’s first plastic-case Tourbillon, by EmaS

Recently, I introduced a stylish Milan-based brand called EmaS. The company recently updated their Facebook account with a picture of one their latest model, a Chinese tourbillon, which will only be produced in 4 picese, sold at USD 2,500 each. This tourbillon is housed in a polymer case, which probably makes it a World first, […]

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EmaS watches: doing it with Italian style

In 1934, Milan businessman Sir Enrico Masserini established Masserini Orologerie S.p.A. with the intent to sell Swiss movements in Italian watch cases. After WWII, the company was renamed EMAS, based on the contraction of the founder’s name (Enrico MASserini). The company was handed over to his son Annibale and later to his grandson Enrico, who currently […]

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