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Update on Hamilton’s 2011 collection Khaki Pioneer

In my entry “Hamilton, mass-produced anachronisms“, I mentioned the new Khaki Pioneer seen at BaselWorld 2011. On close analysis, the watch revealed to be heavily inspired by early Hanhart FliegerUhren. The Khaki Conservation model (a.k.a Team Earth) was already unveiled last year by Hamilton, with the endorsement of actor Harrison Ford to support Team Earth. For a detailed description […]

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Hamilton, mass-produced anachronisms

For the record, guess who in 2011 A.D. still runs a Website designed for Internet Explorer only? Hamilton watch company …And to add insult to injury, they require me to upgrade from Explorer 7 to a more recent version. The browser you are using is not supported by this website, please upgrade to the latest version […]

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Are oversized watches a good investment or just a passing trend?

Whenever you hear about an old watch fetching hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction, you probably get a pretty consistent image in your mind: a sensibly styled piece of medium proportions, with a simple, uncluttered dial, a leather strap and probably a gold case. Most importantly, the name on the dial would read something […]

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Are luxury sports watches really made for sports?

If you’re a fan of luxury watches, then you will have heard the term ‘sports watch’ bandied around quite often. It is a term that implies a heightened degree of functionality, suggesting a timepiece that is very much a tool before a talking point. But how true is this implication? It is fair to say […]

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Lessons to learn for Tiffany and the Swatch Group

When a brand of luxury goods decides to extend their product rage to a new field, it usually makes more sense to seek the assistance of a manufacturing specialist rather than to attempt to start from scratch. The subcontracting often takes the form of a licensing agreement, where the licensee is either an Original Equipment […]