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introducing: International Watchman

We used to have favorable comments about International Watchman on this blog, but it was brought to our attention that owner Ron Sabo has been engaging since 2012 in activities that can only be described as IP trolling: Sep 2012 Nov 2013 Oct 2014 was created to promote the re-use and […]

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Lessons to learn for Tiffany and the Swatch Group

When a brand of luxury goods decides to extend their product rage to a new field, it usually makes more sense to seek the assistance of a manufacturing specialist rather than to attempt to start from scratch. The subcontracting often takes the form of a licensing agreement, where the licensee is either an Original Equipment […]


Review: WatchProject’s list of XXI Flieger chronographs

In the article A list of XXI Flieger chronographs, the reader is brought through a little history of standard military watches. The first paragraphs explain the distinction between three main schools: the British, the German and the French; and the text explains how the concept of a Flieger chronograph (as we know it today) was invented in the early 2000’s by the […]

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Watchprojects’ most popular topics in 2010

I took a short break from these Winter Holidays to visit relatives across Northwestern Europe. Due to unforeseen heavy snow, my journey turned into “Around Western Europe in 80 hours”. Luckily I was able to reach destination sound and safe… with my luggage intact. Winter Solstice is good news for residents of the Northern Hemisphere, as it marks the moment when […]

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introducing: MIH watch

What happens when you put together an expert in astronomical clocks, a skillfull master-watchmaker, a talended industrial designer and a visionary salesman? Something like the MIH watch. Trained in History of Art, Philosophy, History, Greek and Latin, Doctor Ludwig Oechslin also studied watchmaking while completing his qualification in Archeology of Industrial Technology. Dr. Oechslin has worked on restoration of astronomical clocks […]

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