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Selection of 21 Affordable Manufacture Watches

Preamble Being on the same page with terms What is a manufacture? In English, this French word roughly translates to “factory”. For the last 10 years, marketers have hijacked the term manufacture to restrict it to high-end, vertically-integrated watch companies. The historical reality is much less black-or-white. In the South-Western area of the watch valley […]


Second Degree chance in Яussia

While pacing through the alleys of Baselworld 2011, I came across the booth of the revived Russian brand Raketa, which official Website is registered with a .SU domain name (as for Soviet Union). The new management decided to go for a tongue-in-cheek second-degree idendity, playing with strong visuals of Soviet propaganda of yester. As a matter of fact, I was welcomed by […]

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