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New vintage-looking Steinhart chronograph

I have already introduced the Swiss Made brand Steinhard on several occasions. This German-based watch company is worthy of interest on many counts: all their watches feature Swiss movements and are assembled in the Swiss Jura mountains. Steinhard watches mostly sells through Direct Marketing, which allows them to cut the middleman and offer very reasonable prices. The […]

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Upcoming Steinhart Proteus

Steinhart watches have been working [edit:] in tight collaboration with forumers on a new model, christened Proteus. The name comes from Greek mythology, and was that of one of the early sea gods. The non-rotating bezel will be attached by three screws. The target selling price will be EUR 460 to 500. Movements will be […]

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New Steinhart collection TiefSee

Steinhart watches has been working on a new diving watch, called the TiefSee. The deep sea, or deep layer, is the lowest layer of oceans. It is considered that 70% of ocean bottoms go much deeper than 800 m. The sun light doesn’t penetrate so deep, temperatures drops to a constant 5 degrees celcius (±278 kelvin) and pressure can […]

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introducing: Steinhart Watches

Steinhart Watches started with a few collections drawing inspiration from 1960’s stainless steel waterproof watches, and they have since come up with many more collections some inspired by aviation and classical watchmaking.

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A list of XXI Flieger chronographs

A genre that is rarely tackled by independent watch brands is that of Flieger chronograph. Diving watch brands keep popping like mushrooms, but due to the fact that complicated movements such as chronographs cost more than double their three-hands alternatives, aspiring watchmakers almost always go for the latter to keep their price low. In this […]