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Trintec, Maker of Aviator Instrument Watches since 1990

Brendon Nunes has been flying many types of aircrafts; and in all of them the layout and function of cockpit displays controls are designed to increase pilot situation awareness without causing information overload. In 1993, the entrepreneur became one of the first instruments manufacturers of the post-Quartz Crisis to adapt the paradigm of aviator instruments to timepieces. For the dials, he drew inspiration from instruments features in the T arrangement.

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Sneak peek of the new TrinTec Zulu-05 collection

As I was publishing my ealier entry on the new TrinTec collections, their President Mr. Brendon Nunes updated me with a picture of the Zulu-05 working pre-production samples on silicon straps, which should be close to the “real thing”: «We are making minor adjustments to the hands but generally speaking the watches will retain most […]

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confirmed: TrinTec to feature automatic Miyota on some models

Brendon Nunes, President of TrinTec Industries, kindly answered to my mail to confirm that they will be introducing new models later this year. “…the ZULU-03 series will be driven by Miyota 8215 movements” wrote Mr. Nunes. “I now have physical samples of the ZULU-05 series in hand and the watches look fantastic.” At the moment, […]

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Introducing TrinTec Industries

Once doesn’t make it a habit: will present a watch company that does not feature self-powered watches… yet. TrinTec Industries Inc. is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of aviation-inspired timepieces (clocks and watches). In 1993, they released their first wrist watch the Altimeter, which was inspired by an altimeter. This particulad design is not […]

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introducing: Formex, Watches with Patented Suspension System

Foreword At, we like to discuss watchmaking in the second part of the XX century. A lot of trends have appeared during that era, and their precursors don’t always get the recognition they deserve. In 2010, editor Francis J. had an interesting correspondence with Mister Brendon Nunes, founder of Trintec Industries Inc. , which led to the […]

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