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introducing: Uhren Forum

Founded by Brigitte and Olaf Vockerodt, the brand Uhren Forum aims at providing collectors with affordable watches focused on quality, design and functionality. The name is rather odd, because it is easily mistaken by Internet search engines for German-speaking “Watch Forum”. Sold at 1’780 EUR, Their flagship is a full calendar chronograph based on the Valjoux 7751. […]

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Perrelet, looking forward although the rug has been pulled from under your feet

Before dwelving into a description of their new diving collection, I would like to walk the reader through a brief presentation of the Perrelet SA company, which inception I discussed at great length in my essay in French: “The house of cards Perrelet SA, Example of how unverified information relayed by historians can backfire at a brand’s communication strategy […]

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Vergo Avius: affordable Nouvelle Horlogerie

If the reader is not familiar with the French term “Nouvelle Horlogerie”, it is the name of a horological genre launched by Audemars-Piguet/Renaud Papi with Richare Mille and Urwerk; and subsequently followed by brands such as Hublot, Hautlence, CVSTOS, Concord, REBELLION timepieces, Ladoire, Linde Werdelin and the temporarily hibernated Wyler Vetta. The concept consists of building futuristic-looking mechanical watches with custom-made movements and space-age […]

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introducing: Temporanea Manifattura Fiorillo

Unveiled by TLex of and mentionned by Grégory Pons of, Italian entrepreneur Federico Fiorillo launched his watch company. Temporanea Manifattura Fiorillo was first born in Spring 2009, as a project to supply a small number of watches to friends. Mr. Fiorillo was quickly overwhelmend by orders, and so he decided to plan production […]

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introducing: Jochen Benzinger

Born in 1961, Herr Jochen Benzinger learned the craft of engraving in Pforzheim and after receiving an award, taught himself the art of engine turning with the help of some old specialists still active in the German city. In 1985 he took over engine-turning workshop Kollmar, where old machines were salvaged during the quartz-crisis. When […]

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