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New Prometheus Collections

Amongst micro-brands, Prometheus ( is very prolific. After the Ocean Diver, Recon 5 and Manta Ray, this microbrew brand has been expanding their collection range with new additions: Baiji Featuring tritium vials, this nautical watch uses an ST2130 movement made by Tianjin Seagull. Tritium vials use the radioactive decay of tritium to keep the compound shining. The […]

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EmaS watches: doing it with Italian style

In 1934, Milan businessman Sir Enrico Masserini established Masserini Orologerie S.p.A. with the intent to sell Swiss movements in Italian watch cases. After WWII, the company was renamed EMAS, based on the contraction of the founder’s name (Enrico MASserini). The company was handed over to his son Annibale and later to his grandson Enrico, who currently […]

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Cross-continent watchmaking by Montiek

Hat tip to Grégory Pons of Founded by watch lovers, Montiek‘s design and marketing is carried out in Amsterdam, Netherlands, while watches will be assembled in Hong Kong. The developers are aiming at releasing the first collections in January 2011. Their collection will consist of three models: a Tourbillon (with Seagull ST8000), a Tourbillon […]

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introducing: KIENZLE

Established by Johanes Schenkler in Schwenningen (Germany) in 1822, KIENZLE initially manufactured and sold hand-crafted wooden clocks. Over the next 190 years, the company development an impressive portfolio of mechanical device besides the obvious clocks, pocket watches and wrist watches: nightwatchmen’s recording clocks, flywheel clocks, taximeters, attendance recorders, automotive clocks, tachographs, 8-day aviation clocks, world […]

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introducing: PJS watches

Hat tip to Watch Otaku. Based in South Korea, PJS aims at worlwide distribution. Their offer consists of quartz watches with tritium vials, and hand wind watches powered by the Seagull ST3900, a Unitas clone. PJS mechanical models are inspired by WWII Italian timepieces and German Beobachtungsuhren (observation watches). Mechanical watches start at USD 239.

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