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The Rock Keeps on Rolling

How the cornerstone of mechanical watchmaking is finding new relevance By R. Jay Nudds Falling in love is never an exact science. In much the same way as thoroughly studying horology will teach you that despite the exactitude of mechanical watches and their components, you will almost certainly encounter a problem whose solution doesn’t quite […]

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introducing: RundenMeister, timers for the wrist and the dash

The trade mark RundenMeister was successfully registered in Summer 2008. I don’t know if the brand ever existed before, but the current owner Herr Thilo Figaj cleverly decided to specialize it in motorsport timers. Perhaps the most representative product from RundenMeister is their Sequence Timer, which allows drivers to simultaneously operate up to 3 pocket stopwatches. […]

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Minimalistic watches from World Heritage capital of Scotland

Born and raised in Scotland, designer Fraser Gordon has been working as an architectural model maker and collecting entry-price quartz and mechanical watches in capital Edinburgh. For more than a decade, Fraser kept throwing ideas on paper from digital watches to physics-bending ideas, until he decided to go back to fundamentals: less is more. The Scottish […]

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introducing: Burlington, the watch that will knock your socks off

If you are European like me, the name “Burlington” unmistakably brings to mind the iconic and colorful “diamond harlequin” cotton blend socks adorned by the upper class of the continent. To be fair, the name Burlington may refer to many a thing besides a company of the Kayser-Roth Corporation. In case of the Burlington Watch Company, there are […]

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introducing: SK Watch Parts

Based in the German metalsmithing Mecca of Pforzheim, SK Watches sells pare parts for standard Swiss mechanical movements: ETA 2824-2, Unitas 6497, Unitas 6498, Valjoux 7750 and Valjoux 7751. For orders of 10 dials or more, it is possible to have a personal brand printed on the dial. For orders of 75 dials or more, […]

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