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Update on Hamilton’s 2011 collection Khaki Pioneer

In my entry “Hamilton, mass-produced anachronisms“, I mentioned the new Khaki Pioneer seen at BaselWorld 2011. On close analysis, the watch revealed to be heavily inspired by early Hanhart FliegerUhren. The Khaki Conservation model (a.k.a Team Earth) was already unveiled last year by Hamilton, with the endorsement of actor Harrison Ford to support Team Earth. For a detailed description […]

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Hamilton, mass-produced anachronisms

For the record, guess who in 2011 A.D. still runs a Website designed for Internet Explorer only? Hamilton watch company …And to add insult to injury, they require me to upgrade from Explorer 7 to a more recent version. The browser you are using is not supported by this website, please upgrade to the latest version […]

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introducing: Bozeman watch company

Hat tip to Jorge Merino of Based in Bozeman, Montana, the eponymous watch company recently released their B1 Hellcat collection, named after the WWII U.S. Naval fighter. Founder Christopher Wardle‘s (no relation to Christopher Ward) vision was to have the watches entirely designed, assembled and controlled locally, and there is nothing wrong with that. Furthermore, […]

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Watch size throughout History

The first reliable wearable timepiece was most likely the H4, commissioned in 1759 to John Jefferys by self-taught British watchmaker John Harrison in his quest to design the perfect longitude watch. Weighting 1.45 Kg, the “pocket” watch measured more than 13 cm in diameter, but it was far more accurate than any of the previous clocks Harrison had ever built: only 5.1 seconds slower after 60 days […]

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introducing: Terra Cielo Mare

Milan business partners Giorgio Lattuada and Emilio Fontana met success with their General Partnership company La.Fo.Ce., which is currently a distributor for prestige brand Graham. In 2001 they set on to create the brand T.C.M. Terra Cielo Mare (Earth Sky Sea), later dropping the accronym T.C.M. from the trade mark. Although they rely upon Swiss movements, […]

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