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The Escapement for Dummies

The word ‘escapement’, is one you’ll no doubt have encountered multiple times when reading about watches. But what exactly is an Escapement, and why is it important that you should know? Simply put, an escapement delivers energy from the barrel, via the train wheels, to the regulating unit (balance or pendulum) to maintain its oscillation. […]

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A Pivotal Notion

The fundamental problem in watchmaking is friction. There are loads of ways to reduce the friction in a watch, such as jewelled bearings, correct oiling, new materials such as silicon etc. but one of the most straightforward is the shape of the pivots themselves. In wristwatches in particular, there are two main shapes of pivot: […]

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Useful Facts and Definitions

Amplitude: Maximum displacement of any point from the dead point. Vibration: Maximum displacement to maximum displacement, passing through the dead point. Oscillation: One complete cycle of the escapement (2 vibrations). The name of the rectangular slot in the mainspring (inner end) is the eye or eyelet and the bit attached to the outer end (it […]

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Inventions and Facts

Here are some cool inventions and their inventors for you to remember: In the eighteenth century (around 1702), Nicolas Fatio de Duillier and Pierre and Jacob Debraufre invented jewel bearings and pioneered their use in watches, greatly improving the isochronism and longevity of the movement. Initially, real jewels, such as ruby, garnet and diamond (and […]

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Chronographs Versus Chronometers

A chronograph is a watch that tells the time and records elapsed time on demand. It is not necessarily a chronometer and the two terms should NEVER be confused. For a watch to be a chronometer it must meet a certain standard in terms of accuracy. A chronometer is a watch of exceptional isochronism, measured […]

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