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The Rock Keeps on Rolling

How the cornerstone of mechanical watchmaking is finding new relevance By R. Jay Nudds Falling in love is never an exact science. In much the same way as thoroughly studying horology will teach you that despite the exactitude of mechanical watches and their components, you will almost certainly encounter a problem whose solution doesn’t quite […]

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introducing: Walther Chronometerwerke, a stepstone into the world of hand-made watches for the aspiring collector

Keeping in mind that this watch is almost entirely built by hand by one of the world’s finest watchmakers leaved little doubt as to the great value for money it represents

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The column wheel, a pillar of traditional chronographs

Designed in the early 1970’s as a low-cost chronograph, the Valjoux 7750 has been adapted all fashionable ways. It was even converted into a high-range mechanism thanks to the transplant of a traditionnal column-wheel. Our contributor R. Jay Nudds examins le function of a column-wheel and its cheaper counterpart to outline the practical and emotional reasons that could lead the collector to choose one over the other.

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Proyecto Tokkotai, Spanish initiative of a Japanese icon assembled in Poland

Earlier this year (2013) the Spanish forum ClubSeiko decided to make their first project the Proyecto Tokkotai in tribute to the WWII Japan Imperial Navy pilot’s Seikosha.  The idea is to keep the dial and hands as close as possible to the original. The 316L steel case has been sized to 43 mm and the water-resistance to […]

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The Speedmaster Standard

In an article published on, founder Richard Paige complains about the inexplicably steep price rise of luxury watches in the last two decades. The watch industry veteran mentions the Omega Speedmaster, which rose from USD 225 to USD 4500 across 40 years. Mr. Paige argues that a more linear price increase should have resulted in the more reasonable price of USD 1200 today, only to be rebutted by a commenter who questions his calculation. I decided to look at the price evolution of the Speedmaster from another angle: by comparing the hourly wages needed to purchase it in 1970, 1995 and 2013.

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