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Great loss for the watch projects community

I am saddened to hear about the passing away of renowned watch modder Noah Fuller on April 13th, 3 days after his 41st birthday and 12 days before his wedding anniversary. Noah Fuller was one of the earliest entrepreneurs offering custom watches and aftermarket parts for Seiko and ETA movements. Having amongst other things created […]

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introducing: Paul’s Stuff

Let me introduce Paul Brandt, inventor and hobby prototypist. Paul is very skilled in mechanical repairs and metal working. Some years ago, he started designing and building simple mechanical tools in stainless steel. His homepage shows an array of objects such as: knives, multi-purpose tools, pliers, and so on… Eventually, Paul started modding some watches of […]

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The Poor Man’s Fifty Fathoms

Seiko has a rock-solid reputation when it comes to their diving watches and über-affordable Seiko 5 collections. Standing on the shoulders of their legacy, history and Intellectual Property, Seiko are rightly the last company that one would expect to attempt to draw inspiration from competition. This is the certainty that was challenged in the minds of some forumers when they discovered Seiko’s latest 42mm-wide […]

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Watchprojects’ most popular topics in 2010

I took a short break from these Winter Holidays to visit relatives across Northwestern Europe. Due to unforeseen heavy snow, my journey turned into “Around Western Europe in 80 hours”. Luckily I was able to reach destination sound and safe… with my luggage intact. Winter Solstice is good news for residents of the Northern Hemisphere, as it marks the moment when […]

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A unique UNIX watch

The laste portable player with touchscreen from Apple Inc. runs thanks to a UNIX operating system clone, and consumers are one step closer to transforming the device into a wrist watch. Scott Wilson, master designer and entrepreneur responsible for one of the many iPod Nano modding projects, saw his budget increased tenfold. Trained almost 20 […]

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