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Departure of a champion of life: Gino Macaluso

Luigi Macaluso, known as “Gino”, embodied the virtues of boldness and entrepreneurship. Born in post-WWII bankrupt Italy, in a city devastated by bombing raids, the daring Piedmontese learned to cheat death and misfortune throughout most of his life, skillfully negociating business deals like he did with racing track curves. On October 26th 2010 though, the life that Luigi Macaluso was championing […]

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Claro watch, big trouble in little Switzerland

It seems that Claro watch is having finacial difficulties. The company based in Bienne, Switzerland, called a staff meeting on Monday in their Bellinzona branch to let all 18 employees know about their immediate dismissal. The director is reported to have packed his vehicle with watches before leaving, and the whole factory has been put under seal by the local police force. The local […]

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