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Work on the Web site

Watchprojects 2.0 When I started this list of independent watch projects in July 2009, I was unaware of the width of the pool of aspiring watch developers. It turns out that there are a lot of existing brands that I still have to uncover and a lot of new brands that appear every two to […]

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Turmoil for Corvus Watch co-founder

Watchprojects.com published several entries about the Corvus Watch Company, created by the brothers Cameron. I read yesterday on the blog I Already Have a Watch that Corvus co-founder James M. Cameron, has been tried throughout late August 2010 for accusations of child pornography. The blog Bad Lawyer seems to be one of those with a detailed account of the prosecution […]

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limited MKII Kingston

Kingston… as in Kingston Jamaica. The country where fictious character James Bond, played for the first time by actor Sean Connery, is sent to investigate the death of a fellow British agent. In the 1962 movie, Sean Connery is show on several occasions wearing an early Rolex Submariner. According to I already have a watch.com editor […]

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