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The Rock Keeps on Rolling

How the cornerstone of mechanical watchmaking is finding new relevance By R. Jay Nudds Falling in love is never an exact science. In much the same way as thoroughly studying horology will teach you that despite the exactitude of mechanical watches and their components, you will almost certainly encounter a problem whose solution doesn’t quite […]

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introducing: Walther Chronometerwerke, a stepstone into the world of hand-made watches for the aspiring collector

Keeping in mind that this watch is almost entirely built by hand by one of the world’s finest watchmakers leaved little doubt as to the great value for money it represents

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The column wheel, a pillar of traditional chronographs

Designed in the early 1970’s as a low-cost chronograph, the Valjoux 7750 has been adapted all fashionable ways. It was even converted into a high-range mechanism thanks to the transplant of a traditionnal column-wheel. Our contributor R. Jay Nudds examins le function of a column-wheel and its cheaper counterpart to outline the practical and emotional reasons that could lead the collector to choose one over the other.

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introducing Genesis, a successful endeavour in watchmaking

A couple of years ago, watchmaker Christine Genesis launched her own watch brand. Trained in the German metalsmithing city of Pforzheim, Genesis spent three years working on watch repair before moving to an important after-sales workshop, where she got to play with all kinds of high-end mechanical watches for seven further years. During their training, […]

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Review: WatchProject’s list of XXI Flieger chronographs

In the article A list of XXI Flieger chronographs, the reader is brought through a little history of standard military watches. The first paragraphs explain the distinction between three main schools: the British, the German and the French; and the text explains how the concept of a Flieger chronograph (as we know it today) was invented in the early 2000’s by the […]

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