Why is it so tedious to post comments?

Forum spammers love to advertise their crapware through blog comments. To ensure that our pages don’t get clogged and that your viewing experience doesn’t get polluted, we have set up several measures to ensure that only well-intentioned readers could post comments. After registering, your comment will be subject to approval before appearing on the bog. Please bear with us.

Why don’t you write about mainstream brands?

For the simple reason that a lot of fine blogs are already publishing quality content about mainstream brands, and we prefer to focus on our niche. We will however report on mainstream brands when we think it heavily impacts the watchmaking industry in general and our niche.

Why don’t you write about quartz watches?

There is nothing wrong with quartz watch. Fact is, some of the watches we present do feature a quartz movement. However, for the sake of limiting the amount of watches discussed on this blog, we try to focus only on watches powered by natural means.

What is your position on intellectual property?

Intellectually property is a timely monopoly conceded by authorities to the owner of a creation. With the exception of France and Belgium, most countries only concede design registrations for a period of 25 years, after which the design falls into public domain.

The purpose of this blog is foster creation and innovation, so we will never willingly encourage readers to purchase mass-produced items that infringe upon a registered trade mark or a registered design.

On the other hand, he have a clean conscience when we promote recycling of designs older than 25 years, because we understand this is precisely what intellectual property was designed for. We leave it to the reader to decide if the outcome is nice or not.

Whenever we come across a brand that positioned itself in the grey area, we will categorize the entry as IP blunter.

We see no legal problem with one-off items, not made for resale, that are based on a registered design. You can pimp up one watch to make it look like a registered design, but you become a criminal when you make a business out of it.

If God can do anything, can he create a stone so heavy he cannot lift it?

The answer is easier than you may think:

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  1. I’ve been on your site for some time now and have enjoyed reading about Dugena pocket and other watches. I was in Germany several years ago and I bought a Roman numeral pocket watch. I bought my first pocket watch from Mueller’s {sp?} Antique store in Swiqauw, again please excuse my spelling errows.The city is in the south east part of Germany and it was populated with obout 170,000 people in 1994’when our president was R. Reagan. The city has been reducded to around 90’000′ now. The Dugena watch I have runs a little fast, but I sure do like it! Thank you for your site, it must be demanding. Rand Terens

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